Accurate assessment of 3D kinematics in Varsity Rowing

fred roeien'Instant accurate assessment of 3D kinematics in actual Varsity Rowing training is feasible! Moreover it can be performed with a repeatibility that facilitates examination of differences in body segment and oar coordination batween subjects and als comparing a subject under different cionditions.'.

This concluded Biomedical Engineering student Fred Vuijk in his Masters thesis presentation. Fred has shown this by analyzing the data recorded during actual on water skiff rowing of 6 subjects that repeatedly performed a rowing bout of 400m at 2km rowing speed. 3D kinematics were recorded with wireless inertial sensors of upper and lower arms and legs, pelvis, trunk and head as well as both oars and the boat.

Fred showed comprehensive visualisations of flexion angle curves of knees, trunk and elbows as well as with oar movements and boat acceleration data. Also 2 synchronized video streams  of on boar camera's were integrated.Overview plots also visualised the relative timing of power delivery by different muscle groups as this was one of the most mentioned pieces of information that rowing coaches reported interesting in interviews about envisioned body coordination feedback options in training.

3D-AHM 2014

logo 3dahmThe 3D-AHM 2014 conference is anounced and will be held in Lausanne from july 14-17. This is the 2-yearly meeting of the ISB Technical Section on 3D Analysis of Human Movement.

The conference is themed: 'Sports and Rehabilitation' and will be THE occasion to meet developers of methods and direct applications of 3D analysis of human movement in a not too big and focussed meeting in a pleasant environment. (During the famous Montreux Jazz Festival).

Do not miss out and find the 3D-AHM 2014 website here!

Previous meetings in Bologna, San Francisco and Amsterdam (!).


MeasuRun runners and cyclists briefing

20130417 144409-300The bicycles have arrived, the tablets mounts are mounted. Last tests of the FusionMR software application are performed, especially to recover from sensors that get disconnected along the way, when the distance between cycle buddy and runner becomes too big. The MeasuRun team and runners and cycle buddies meet for a briefing on this weekends logistics, hardware and software. A outdoor demonstration with a full set up is performed successfully. Small improvements are discussed and will be implemented and tested in the comning days.

Fusion presence at ISB congress

logo-eventoFusion members RRD, UT, TUD were all represented at the ISB congress in Natal, Brazil, allthough the number of presentations was limited. An RRD poster on the first results of the Sofie project (applying Fusion Tools) was presented by Rosemary Dubbeldam as well as work on foot modelling. Fusion member Bart Koopman was elected in the ISB-council as well as long term European partners Leardini and Disslhorst Klug.

Increased interest in wearable sensing was indicated by the interest in the pre congress tutorial by Arminiam and Favre, allthough a lot of scepticism was expressed on the possibility of achieving decent measurements, without integration drift and (ferromagnetic) environmental disturbances. The Biomechanist community is yet to win for virtues of wearable 3D kinematics assessment...

FUSION - ‘Click-On-and-Play’ 3D ambulatory motion monitoring and feedback

Find Fusion website here.

The amount of musculoskeletal disorders is growing. Simultaneously, the need for objective assessment of results of rehabilitation and physical therapy is increasing.

Project partners of FUSION target the development of 3D instant ambulatory monitoring and feedback of motor function applicable by every therapist / ergonomist / sports coach without requiring specific prior knowledge.

Read more: FUSION - ‘Click-On-and-Play’ 3D ambulatory motion monitoring and feedback

Migration Fusion site to RRD servers.

FusionLogoFinally this Fusion website is migrated to the RRD servers. This facilitates refreshing and addition of the sites content can continue. The following additions are planned for the near future:

  • regular news items about new developments and achievements
  • updates on publication lists
  • gradual grow of content on use cases for all individual topics of FusionApplications
  • gradual grow of content with explanatory pages for all individual topics of FusionMethods
  • gradual grow of content on use cases for all individual elements of FusionTools

Video Fusion concept online

The video presenting the Fusionconcept, produced by the InnovatiePlatform Enschede, can be viewed online (Dutch voice-over). It shows the general concept of the Fusion project: a tool for hassle-free, routine clinical assessment tool for human movement. A tool that is built around a engine of similar accuracy and reliabiliity of a 3D Movement Laboratory set-up. Such a tool should facilitate multi-moment reliable assessment, aiding the clinical decisiopn making during treatment of individual patients. A wide variety of applications in rehabilitation and  physical therapy will profit as well as numerous applications in sports and ergonomics.

RTV Oost: Onderzoek tijdens marathon in Enschede

RTV Oost: 'Onderzoekers van het Roessingh in Enschede hebben tijdens de marathon vandaag een unieke test gedaan.


Proefpersonen kregen bewegingssensoren opgeplakt, om te kijken of vermoeidheid via de sensoren in kaart te brengen is. De lopers kregen op verschillende plekken op hun lichaam sensoren aangemeten. Uiteindelijk is het de bedoeling dat gekeken kan worden welke invloed de vermoeidheid op het looppatroon heeft.'


Bekijk het item van RTV Oost hier


Press: Leading Sports Motion Research Center Adopts Analog Devices’ MEMS Sensor Technology to Train Competitive Rowers

Leading Sports Motion Research Center Adopts Analog Devices’ MEMS Sensor Technology to Train Competitive Rowers

About FusionTool: Rowing Coach Assistant RCA

okt 21, 2011 -  In: Bloomberg - News

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